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EU funds in the new 2014‑2020 perspective

We offer support with strategic decision‑making processes, efforts to acquire EU funds for education and other important community‑wise branches.

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SupraCare is a modern system designed to organize work processes in long‑term care facilities. SupraCare enables organizations to manage individual patient or client plans, organize work processes, and make data‑driven decisions to increase efficiency and drive up the quality and safety of care.

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Inspera is a leader on the international market of IT solutions for managing high-stakes, secure, electronic examinations for pupils and students. In Sweden and Norway Inspera is used for managing national educational exams. At the universities Inspera allows for comprehensive management of students' examinations.

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Social Innovations for the Elderly Living in Rural Areas – European Experiences. Report for the Polish Ministry of Agriculture published.

PCG’s Health team in Poland finalized their international research work for the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the form of a report on “Social innovations aimed at ensuring social security for the elderly in rural areas in selected European countries.”

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Electronic Medical Records (EDM) – new SupraCare functionality makes its debut in Opole

Once again we had the pleasure of meeting the representatives of Opole nursing sector during the fifth scientific conference “Reflections on long-term care.” More than 120 people improved their knowledge about modern management of long-term care facilities with the use of documentation in electronic form.

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PCG on XXII Diagnostic Education Conference

In this year Diagnostic Education Conference took place on September 23-25 in Krakow. The theme of the event was: creativeness of students and teachers in diagnose.

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