PCG confirms standards of services for elderly customers – completes audit within OK Senior Program

OK Senior PCG’s team in Poland recently completed an audit process within the national OK SENIOR Quality Mark program to evaluate and certify high quality services provided to elderly customers.

This time PCG’s audit effort focused on electricity vendor TAURON and its assistance service Serwisant24H PLUS (Serviceman24h PLUS). The audit involved analysis of internal documents and procedures, BTL materials, interviews with management, review of call center statistics and client satisfaction surveys results. OK Senior Additionally, with participation of a group of elderly customers (65+ years or older), recruited specifically for the audit, secret client calls were performed and equipment failure notifications submitted to the designated Alarm Centre. The senior clients evaluated easiness to submit a failure notification, culture of telephone service and solution provided by the serviceman, who arrived to fix the problem.

Following the audit, Serwisant24H PLUS and TAURON received the OK SENIOR certificate in the category “Senior citizens as consumers of goods and services.” The assistance service was recognized as needed, secure, easy to understand and appreciated by the elderly taking part in the audit process.

The OK SENIOR Quality Mark certification program – the only one of its kind in Poland – was established by the Polish Institute of the Silver Economy to help seniors and their families quickly identify certified personnel, goods and services.

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