University of Social Sciences (SAN)

One of the most important activities of the University of Social Sciences is cooperation with social and economic environment as well as monitoring trends and opinions regarding changes in the economy. Thanks to the cooperation with PCG, students and graduates of the University acquire knowledge and skills in line with the expectations of the international and local labor market. PCG also supports the educational and scientific mission of the university by providing technological and analytical solutions. By combining their potentials, PCG and the University of Social Sciences as partners implement many national and international research, innovative or strategic projects that fit into the idea of ​​lifelong learning.

The University of Social Sciences conducts first, second and third cycle studies, postgraduate and MBA studies in over 20 fields of study. The university has the international NECHE accreditation. Every year, the University takes leading positions in rankings, and for many years it has been the university most frequently chosen by candidates among all non-public universities in Poland (according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education).

Laboratory of Architecture 60+

PCG Poland and LAB60+ share a similar goal – to make the world a better place for current and future seniors – that's why they implement projects for the public and private sector by combining forces: knowledge and skills on spatial issues and proven project management skills, business analyzes and implementation of various social projects.
As members of the Covenant on Demographic Change, they are happy to cooperate and implement evidence-based solutions to support active and healthy aging.
LAB60+ is the first foundation in Poland dealing with innovative approach to spatial issues in the context of the needs of an aging society in three areas: research, education, silver economy. ,

Kozminski University

PCG Polska and PCG Academia cooperate with Kozminski University in Warsaw with regard to the elaboration and implementation of consulting and IT services for the higher education market. Kozminski University is one of 67 universities worldwide, and the only one in Poland, to hold the three most prestigious accreditations (the so‑called Triple Crown): AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Kozminski University is the best business university in Central and Eastern Europe according to education rankings published by the “Financial Times” journal. There are students of over 60 nationalities at Kozminski University. They constitute almost 30% stationary students, making Kozminski one of the most highly internationalized Polish universities.

Bullet Solutions

PCG Polska and PCG Academia cooperate with the Portuguese company Bullet Solutions (BS) with regard to the distribution of an automated timetabling tool (Bullet TimeTabler) in the higher education market in Poland. Bullet Solutions provides consulting services and IT solutions focused on increasing the efficiency and the profitability of the serviced institutions. The tools offered by Bullet Solutions allow to optimize the timetabling of classes, production activities and other complicated scheduling processes. The services offered by Bullet Solutions are a result of many years of research and consulting projects implemented in the areas of education, healthcare, tourism, logistics, transport, commerce, security and sports.


PCG Polska and PCG Academia cooperate with Inspera in  regard to the distribution of Inspera e Assessment system in the higher education market in Poland. Inspera is an international leader of solutions allowing for secure, electronic examinations of pupils and students. In Sweden and in Norway Inspera is used nationwide to carry out the equivalent of the Polish Matura examination for more than 250 k Students per annum. In universities Inspera allows for comprehensive management of the examination process regardless of the type and size of the university. Currently Inspera is active in 24 countries worldwide and is being used by some of the top colleges in the World including Cambridge University from Great Britain.

Perspektywy Education Foundation

PCG Polska and Perspektywy Education Foundation are the initiators of the LUMEN Leaders in University Management competition and conference, organized annually in Warsaw. Perspektywy Education Foundation is a non‑governmental, non‑profit organization operating since 1998 in the area of education, science and leveling educational opportunities. The activities of the Foundation focus on building academic quality (upper secondary school and university rankings, activity in IREG), promoting Polish universities abroad and assisting their internationalization (Study in Poland, Study Engineering in Poland). The Foundation also implements projects supporting more widespread participation of women in scientific and engineering education and assisting female students of technical universities in developing their careers in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Polish Rectors’ Foundation

PCG Polska and PCG Academia collaborate with Polish Rectors’ Foundation on joint research, training, publishing and evaluation activities aiming at the ongoing support and development of the higher education sector in Poland. Polish Rectors’ Foundation is an independent, non‑government organization established in June 2001, by 80 rectors of Universities included in the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools of Poland (CRASP). The mission of the Foundation is to support education, science and culture in Poland with the particular emphasis on the higher education sector. Some of the most noticeable accomplishments of the Foundation include preparation of the Higher Education Legal Act, introduced effectively in 2006, or the development of the Higher Education Strategic Plan for Poland until 2020.

Polish Institute of Silver Economy

PCG Polska cooperates with the Polish Institute of Silver Economy by providing consulting services that support Institute’s activities to promote silver economy in Poland. Institute works not only with policymakers, investors but also with senior citizens themselves. Polish Institute of Silver Economy also provides recommendations for the legislative solutions responding to the challenges arising from demographic structure. The Institute is the first organization in Poland that enables collaboration between stakeholders in the area of silver economy.

Łódź Center for Teacher Training and Vocational Education (ŁCDNiKP)

PCG Polska and Łódź Center for Teacher Training and Vocational Education are partners on joint research, evaluation and educational projects in Poland. ŁCDNiKP has been operating in the Polish education market since 1996. The Center offers professional development services to the principals of K‑12 schools as well as vocational training courses to students and adults. The Center specializes in the field of mechatronics which is a combination of mechanical, electronic, computer, control and systems design engineering). National vocational examinations for 5 professions are held in and performed by the Center. The Łódź Center for Teacher Training and Vocational Education cooperates with a number of Universities, labor offices, and other institutions. The Center is accredited by the Łódź Regional School Board. It was awarded the ISO 9001 Certificate, the Leader of Human Resources award, Human Capital Investor award and the Quality award.

University Centre for Informatization (MUCI)

PCG Polska and PCG Academia cooperate with University Centre for Informatization (MUCI) operating at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, with regard to integrating selected IT solutions offered by PCG Academia with the University Study-Oriented System (USOS) offered by MUCI. USOS is an integrated student management system created owing to the cooperation between Polish universities. Its development is financed from the financial contributions of member universities. The project has over 40 participants, including leading universities from the Perspektywy ranking, such as the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University or Adam Mickiewicz University.

National Association of Management Staff in Education (OSKKO)

PCG Polska supports National Association of Management Staff in Education in the education area, sharing PCG consultants expirence during conferences and congresses organized by OSKKO. OSKKO provides patronage of PCG events (EVA Spring School, Eqaul Education). National Association of Management Staff in Education is the largest networking organization of educators in Poland. The Association is a non‑profit organization that currently cooperates with school principals, teachers, and local government authorities. The mission of the Association is to define school organization standards, support teachers and school principals in establishing their authority and initiate important reforms in the Polish education system.

Regional In‑Service Teacher Training Centre Metis in Katowice

PCG Poland cooperates with Regional In‑Service Teacher Training Centre Metis in Katowice in sharing good practice in the subject of psychological and pedagogical help. Metis takes part as partner in national congress Equal Education organized by the PCG. Regional In‑Service Teacher Training Centre Metis in Katowice is a teachers' development center in Silesian province established as a result of local government regulations. It is accredited by the Silesian Education Officer. The Centre supports teachers in continuous improvement of their skills. Metis believes that modern teachers should be able to prepare students to life in a changing reality and in an information society by teaching the abilities of self‑studying, cooperation in a group, successful communication and skills to cope in a changing reality.