Our team consists of over 200 coaches, subject matter experts, specialists, and enthusiasts in many areas. The focus areas include data analysis, educational diagnosis, evaluation, individualization of education, work with gifted students, teaching methodology, and educational management. We are also a team of coordinators and organization specialists, who make sure all our projects proceed smoothly and enjoyably for our clients.

PCG Polska employs experts from the Educational Value Added Team, which since 2005 has been elaborating the methodology of estimation of Educational Value‑Added indicators and their use for the assessment of teaching efficiency in Poland.

Mariusz Wypych

PCG’s expert in the area of European Union funds. Mariusz is a member of the Subcommittee of the Human Capital Operational Program in the Lodzkie region. He is the assessor of the EU funded projects within Regional Operational Program in Lodzkie and Wielkopolska Regions in 2014‑2020. Since 2015, he is a member of the Committee of Social Economy Development in Lodzkie Region, formerly a member of the team developing multi‑annual action plan for the promotion and dissemination of the social economy initiatives in the Lodz region for 2013‑2020. He conducted more than 100 trainings on topics related to preparation of applications and settlement of EU funded projects directed to beneficiaries of Human Capital Operational Program 2007‑2013.

Before joining PCG, Mariusz worked for the City of Tuszyn LGU where he was responsible for development and implementation of the city development strategy and EU funded projects. In 2004‑2014 he worked for Foundation for European Studies – European Institute in Lodz, where for 5 years he was the head of Regional Institute for European Social Fund responsible for supporting the EU Funds beneficiaries in the region in proper implementation of the EU funded contracts. Before that he worked as a coordinator of projects funded by external resources and trainer of public administration representatives. In 2009‑2014 Mariusz was the key trainer of Regional Centre for European Social Fund located in Lodz and Piotrkow Trybunalski.


Anna Łajkowska

Business analyst, educational projects management specialist. In PCG Education she is responsible for offer development and coordination of projects in the PCG's Professional Development Centre supporting managerial staff and employees of educational institutions.

She was also involved in developing the PCG's e‑learning platform and advanced e‑learning courses.

She has cooperated with teachers' in‑training centers and numerous schools during the comprehensive school support projects, where the ‑Platform was used as a tool for project documentation management. She has also participated in one of the biggest individualization projects in Poland – the one run by the City of Lodz - where PCG implemented its system for managing psychological and pedagogical support – EdPlan.

As a student of Maria Grzegorzewska College for Special Education she wrote her thesis on teachers' professional development. She also graduated from The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University with a major in public administration as well as from the Military University of Technology with a major in management.


Beata Racka

Business Analyst in PCG Education. She has been working in consulting environment since 2006. She participated in implementation of several projects co‑financed from the European Union in programs: Integrated Regional Operational Program (IROP) and Operational Program Human Capital (OPHC).

She played a major role in organization of trainings, recruitment, promotion, evaluation and monitoring during implementation projects. She has several years' of experience in the RfPs area. She has very good knowledge of the Public Procurement Law and guidelines for the implementation of projects financed from the EU funds. She graduated from the University of Lodz, the Faculty of Economics and Sociology with a Master's degree. She participated in several trainings of Public Procurement Law. Beata finished 120 hour long certificated coaching course. Among other successes, she is proud of wining 3 high valued RfPs in the area of professional development for teachers and school principals for the Board of Education in Poznan.