PCG Education supports educational institutions in effective management, accomplishment of statutory objectives and obtaining best possible teaching results. We combine our experience in working for institutions involved in education and in‑service training with expertise in education and cutting‑edge technological solutions. Projects implemented by PCG are designed to streamline education processes and to assist the representatives of education authorities in decision‑making based on educational data analysis.

Professional development

Our offer of open workshops, conferences, and trainings is wide and updated on an ongoing basis in order to support the managerial staff and the employees of educational institutions in continuous improvement. You are welcome to attend the events organized by the PCG Professional Development Training Center.

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Education is a vital area for the society. We offer consulting and training programs for schools, as well as comprehensive support in reliable needs analysis, research, and evaluation of your projects.

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IT tools

The IT tools offered by PCG are used to efficiently exchange knowledge and ideas, manage information and project documents, build cooperation and self‑improvement networks, and provide support for psychological and pedagogical centers

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Educational Value Added Spring School 2016

The conference is an opportunity for exchanging points of view for participants as well as lectors. During the conference participants have a chance to get to know the EVA method for the assessment of teaching efficiency and to train in using dedicated tools for examination result analysis.

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Equal Education Congress

The congress is organized in response to an emerging need for schools, special education eligibility centers and local authorities to work more closely and effectively on delivering high quality special education services to students at the local level.

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