PCG offers support in applying for EU funds in the area of education, as well as in performing the studies, evaluations and analyses required in order to take strategic actions. We begin with a thorough analysis of the situation, then outline the directions and the objectives of research or planned projects which require our help. We work in accordance with the set action plans and performance indicators. We also assist in the determination of principles and means of communication between the entities involved, as required by the projects.

Special Education Support Analysis

Indication of possible solutions to improve special education support systems in your LGU and Community.

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Condition of education - Diagnosis

In order to constantly develop education and furthermore ascend that level, we need to evolve and measure current condition of education. The purpose for that approach is to objectively highlight areas which are in demand of attention or alterations, preparing recommendations and multitude of options.

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From data to action

We offer comprehensive support with the use of our proven consultation and training program, Nawigator PCG, which, after a thorough analysis of the needs of each establishment, is supplemented with tailored assistance from nationally acclaimed experts.

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EU funds in the new 2014‑2020 perspective

We offer support with strategic decision-making processes, efforts to acquire EU funds for education and other important community-wise branches.

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Targeted Teachers’ Professional Development

We believe that some LGUs could be coordinating teaching improvement system not only by accepting improvement plans, but also by initializing goals and subjects of improvement emerging from researched needs of a local educational system, community and entrepreneurs.

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Data based professional evaluation

Variety of public institutions, as well as private companies which are providing software for educational data management are creating, gathering and computing huge amounts of school‑related data. This immense stock of information is both a challenge and opportunity.

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Educational analytics

Our reports, created with the use of advanced data analysis methods, constitute a key source of information for responsible strategic planning on local government, regional and national level.

Their topics include:

  • Status report about the educational situation
  • Teaching quality in the region (measured against other local government entities)
  • In depth‑analysis of examination results and of teaching efficiency based on selected criteria
  • Analysis of teaching efficiency with regard to gifted students and to students with special educational needs in schools within a given local government entity, with the use of EVA models and examination results (secondary and upper secondary schools)
  • Educational inequalities in the region
  • Demographic trends and the availability of educational institutions
  • Expert’s opinions based on a research designed to fit the needs of the client


Studies and evaluations

Evaluation is a tool allowing to assess an efficiency and a quality of the activities taken and of the strategies adopted. It enables the efficient planning of future projects and the improvement of the ones already under implementation. We suggest a research concept and elaborate detailed methodology involving advanced qualitative and quantitative methods for the purposes of each study. We apply various methods and techniques, depending on the requirements of a given project. Our team of experienced evaluators and analysts is open to even the most innovative research projects.