The new loves the old – the revived methods of educating gifted students and the pitfalls of stereotypes

The workshop is designed to improve the skills of efficient and creative planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the support process for gifted students.

Education is defined as "a sequence of conscious and purposeful actions of the teacher and the student”. However, it is not a ingle act, but a process which requires involvement on the part of both the person transferring the teaching contents and of their recipient. The teachers undoubtedly play a key role in the education process. In the age of rapid technological progress, they may use cutting‑edge educational resources and methods, including software and computer applications assisting in the teaching process. The pedagogical progress with regard to teachers' self‑improvement also refers to the modification of the way of asking questions, including questions which induce creative thinking, not only the reproduction of the previously acquired knowledge. An important role is played by the use of educational methods based on dialogue with the students and by modifying the student activity stimulators (educational situations or holistic school problems).

This workshop is designed for middle school headmasters, deputy headmasters, and middle school teachers

Experienced coach, instructor, educator, and expert in teaching quality, as well as specialist in the methodology of work with students with special educational needs. Author of numerous publications, participant of national and international projects, leader and enthusiastic member of teacher in‑service training system. Passionate about work with gifted students.


The upcoming workshops will be held in the following locations:              

3 December 2015

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The workshops are organized for about 20 participants from several entities in a given region. We provide coffee and lunch during the breaks in the workshops. The cost of participation per person is PLN 279.