Effective healthcare management


PCG Health offers consulting services and innovative technology solutions to healthcare providers and healthcare agencies. For almost 30 years PCG has been helping central and local governmental entities as well as private and public health organizations to increase quality of services offered, improve financial performance and create new organizational models. By leveraging the knowledge and resources of a global company, we deliver proven solutions, tailored to the individual needs of our Clients. In Poland, PCG Health focuses on services delivered to the Long‑Term Care sector.

Solutions for Long Term Care Facilities

SupraCare is the flagship product offered by PCG Health. It is a modern system designed to organize work processes in long‑term care facilities. SupraCare was developed to overcome the organizational challenges that arise from the necessity to combine individual patients' needs and preferences with efficient work organization.

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Financial Management for healthcare organizations

PCG consultants are experts at helping distressed or mismanaged hospitals to return to a level of fiscal vitality. We understand that each client requires a tailored approach that fits the needs of the agency and that is grounded in core financial management principals. These principals provide a path to improved outcomes and process for our clients.

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Strategic Management for healthcare organizations

PCG Health develops both short‑term and long‑term solutions and strategies for clients and assists with change management and implementation. Strategic Management Team supports the process of commercialization of public healthcare providers, strategy development, and formulation of competitive advantage for the newly formed entity.

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Silver Economy

We work with local government representatives, investors, organizations dedicated to senior citizens and other entities interested in activities in that market. PCG supports its Clients at every stage of the process when creating innovative products and services for senior citizens. We provide expert knowledge, modern analytic tools, valuable external perspective and practical experience coming from direct work with elderly people.

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