PCG Polska on IX Congress of Education Management

PCG actively participated in this year National Association of Management Staff in Education's Congress. Our employees presented our proven solutions during two workshops.

Aleksandra Błażejewska from PCG and Jolanta Kowalska from the 26th Middle School in Łódź conducted a workshop during which both were asking question: "Am I able to fully utilize the potential of my school?" Aleksandra shared knowledge about process management and how to efficiently manage projects. Mrs. Kowalska, as an experienced principal, showed solutions which worked at her school e.g. internal profiling of classes, arranging students in cultural activities with the use of social media as well as participating in EU funded projects.

During the 2nd day of the Congress, Aneta Ochwat underlined how important it is in teacher's work to actively take the ownership for assigned tasks and for supporting students with special educational needs. Teachers who take responsibility for their tasks are more efficient in providing help and in accomplishing their goals. Such attitude is critical while working with needing students. During her presentation she talked about the use of IT solutions in organizing support for students with special educational needs. Aneta presented functionalities of EdPlan – the IT solution, which assists schools in organizing psychological and pedagogical support. In this system, teachers can prepare documentation, search student's data and maintain all important information about a student in one place. This system is an easy method to securely manage student data.

Presentations of both workshops can be found inside the Resources tab.

OSKKO Congress

OSKKO Congress