We stand in solidarity with Ukraine

Our activities to date within the PCG group [PCG Academia, Librus, PCG Polska].

We are involved in individual actions like assisting our employee in bringing his family from Ukraine to Poland.

Additionally, we organize fundings to help cover the relocation cost and we are planning to collect the funds to cover rental costs for at least 6 months ahead.

We have also fueled the truck with humanitarian help collected by the people from Rzeszow. Through our offices in Warsaw and Rzeszow we are collecting food, medicine, and other relevant materials. It will be passed to the collection point in Rzeszow.

We do several partnerships (FDDS, Polska Akcja Humanitarna, Fundacja Orange, Wioski Dziecięce), joint initiatives to support schools, parents and teachers in "explaining war to children" and helping communicate any important initiatives supporting women and children coming to Poland in hundreds of thousands. We'll have lessons, scenarios, movies, webinars prepared with Partners. We also established that our employees may use 2 days as volunteering days to help Ukrainians however they decide to.

We have also announced the fundraising for Ukraine aid among Librus/PCG Edukacja employees and declared that as a Librus company we'll double the money. For each 1zł Librus will add another 1zł to the pool.

We would take into consideration in what way Ukrainian children will be "adopted" into Polish school system. Then we would try to support such schools with our services if needed, free of charge.