The Advisory Support Center – Pilot Project Kicks-Off

The Polish Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy has launched a pilot project called "Advisory Support Center" (ASC, Polish: Centrum Wsparcia Doradczego), the implementation of which results from the Strategy for Responsible Development until 2020 (with a perspective until 2030) and the National Strategy for Regional Development 2030.

the aim of the pilot project is to develop the target ASC model as a formula of advisory support for local governments in the process of strategic development management.

the ASC pilot program is aimed at the economically weakest areas in each voivodship, i.e. areas at risk of permanent marginalization, in accordance with the delimitation specified in the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) analysis.

the online conference (23/11/2020) that starts the ASC pilot for 38 local government partnerships, marks the beginning of cooperation between local government groups and their dedicated experts. in the panel of decision makers and leaders, our research team, represented by PhD. Ewa Bogacz-Wojtanowska from the Jagiellonian University and Ewa Rogalska, will present the conclusions of the study carried out for the Ministry by PCG Polska: "Analysis of the demand and supply of advisory services for local governments and recommendations for the functioning of the Advisory Support Center" (2018).
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We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the ASC pilotage and the further harmonious development of local governments.

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