PCG Polska in transnational cooperation

We are happy to announce that we have signed a contract with the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program for the implementation of the SAVE project (Screening for Abuse Victims among Elderly). We will implement the project in partnership with Italy, Finland, Portugal and Cyprus. Screening for Abuse Victims among Elderly (SAVE) project aims to improve identification and intervention on violence against older persons in social and health care services and improve the teachers/trainers knowledge and skills in teaching/training in the area. SAVE project will use in earlier researches validated screening instruments to help professionals to recognize and assess violence and neglect of older persons.

SAVE project will target social and health care professionals working in home care, residential care facilities, health centres and hospitals as well as social and health care teachers and trainers, local/regional social and health care decision makers. the objectives plan to archive during the project include: increase knowledge of screening tools and their suitability in identification of violence, improve capacity of professionals to identify and intervene and support and refer the cases of violence, develop educators’ competences and to support and mentor them, produce an interactive training program.

SAVE project will produce a literature review about the number and quality of screening instruments for older adult’s mistreatment. Based on the review the partners will develop the country specific recommendations for the use of screening instruments. a training curriculum and material on identification and intervention on violence against older persons will also be produced. the training curriculum will be a special component of social and health care professionals’ training and teaching. It will concentrate on special features of elder abuse and its identification by using validated screening instruments. the piloting of screening instruments will lead to identification and intervention procedures in the work places. Online course will be developed based on the training curriculum. At the end of the project the country specific recommendations for the use of screening instruments will be synthesize as European level recommendations.

The SAVE project is implemented thanks to the financial support of the European Commission under the Erasmus + program.

Follow our progress and keep your fingers crossed for the success of the project.

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