Professional Development

PCG Professional Development Center is a non‑public teacher in‑service training center created in 2012 with a view to ensure comprehensive support for the public sector of the future. Our activities are designed to assist the managerial staff and the employees of educational institutions in facing the changing legal status, the increasing competition for students, and the changing expectations of the local communities with regard to schools. Our distinctive features are: individual approach to each recipient, the leading experts in the field, practical approach, and proven solutions, which are to drive continuous improvement.

We provide in service training and professional development in the form of nationwide conferences, regional conferences, open workshops and customized workshops based on pre defined development paths.

EU funds in the new 2014‑2020 perspective

The workshops are designed to broaden the knowledge and skills with regard to obtaining, implementing and reporting the adequate use of funds in the new EU perspective, including in particular for educational purposes.

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Increasing the efficiency of teaching mathematics

Math teachers from upper secondary schools will practice teaching strategies with regard to the skills range required at the final examination (matura), and they will discover the possibility of using the EVA method for the assessment of efficiency in teaching mathematics.

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The new loves the old – revived methods of educating gifted students

The workshop is designed to improve the skills of efficient and creative planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the support process for gifted students.

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Using Educational Value Added (EVA) for the assessment of teaching efficiency

The objective of the workshop is to present the possibilities of using the EVA method for the assessment of teaching efficiency and to train the basic skills in using the dedicated tools for examination result analysis with the use of the EVA method.

Development of gifted students

During a cycle of workshops on the development of gifted students, our experts will present good practice in discovering and working with gifted students as well as share educational inspirations and revived teaching methods.

Development paths

The development path and competencies model for education system employees, elaborated by the PCG Professional Development Center, is the key used by our consultants to select the optimum coaches and to create an offer of professional in service training services tailored to your needs.

If you want to sign up for any of our events or to organize any form of in‑service training in your institution or in your region, contact us by phone at 22 477 27 02 or by e‑mail at