Special Education Support Analysis

Background and goals

As a result of dynamic legislation changes regarding special education in recent years, new tasks have emerged.

Goal: Indication of possible solutions to improve special education support systems in your LGU and Community

Our offer

We are coming with a proposal to perform a special education support system analysis which consists of:

  • Data analysis
  • Dedicated research
  • Strategic workshops for local stakeholders
  • Development of Local Cooperation Model to support students with special needs

There is also a possibility to implement EdPlanTM to unify schools documentation and organization of work.

Researched groups

From the wide choice of special education system stakeholders, the following may participate in our research:

  • Preschool principals, Primary school principals, Secondary school principals, Post-secondary school principals
  • Special Education Schools principals
  • Teachers by school types
  • Pedagogues and school psychologists and specialists
  • Principals and employees of Counselling Centers
  • Teacher Training Centers employees
  • LGU (Local Government Unit) representatives chosen accordingly to their department
  • Social Assistance and Health sector representatives
  • Non-Governmental organisations

Benefits for Local Government Units

  • Identification of areas of possible expenditure reduction, undertaking actions to organize and improve effectiveness of support provided by Counselling Centers to children and youth, parents and teachers
  • Research Summary – „Analysis of special education system functioning and recommendations for the future. Research summary.”
  • Assurance that all the resources available are fully used
  • Possibility of shaping LGU’s internal policies
  • Promotion of your LGU as interested in constant education development